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Перевести, übersetzen, traduire, traucire

Quick Introduction

Ok, so you have installed the player and registered an account on
Right, then let's go on playing and listening to our favourite music:

So let's open the player. If everything is installed correcty, you should find an icon on your desktop. Double click the icon to open the player:

After opening the player, we need to login with our account. (If you do not have an account yet, head over to and register, then go on).

If everything went right, you should see a (possibly empty) playlist screen.

We want to find some new music, so click the search button to open the search window. Ok, lets assume we want to listen to some songs by Madonna so we enter Madonna in the search field and press "search", wait for the results and select the songs we want to listen to and add them onto our playlist via drag'n'drop (you can select multiple songs and drag them at once):

playlist and search window

If you feel a bit uncertain about which music to listen to, click on "Get Inspiration" and browse the most current and popular music by category:

"Get Inspiration" window

You can now close the search window and listen to the music by double-clicking any song in the playlist.

Well, that's it already. Easy, isn't it?
Happy listening!

p.s. You can always save a playlist and load it anytime later on. So you could, for example, prepare a playlist for a birthday celebration and switch back to you favourite songs afterwards.