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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

VKPlayer - what's that?

Update: The problem with wrong artist names after search has been fixed. Please update to the new version 1.36 below!

VKPlayer is a free music player client for the popular networking site (more information can be found on Wikipedia:

NEW VERSION V1.36 Beta available!

now with PLAYLIST HISTORY and 
По-русски, English, Deutsch 

Simply install the player, login, download and listen to your favourite music online as you would do on
but with a lot more comfort.

VKontakte, the 2nd largest social network, offers users from all over the world the opportunity to chat with your friends, add photos and videos, and listen to your favourite music online. The network is wide-spread in russian-affine countries, but it's open for all and available in English, Deutsch, Español, Français, 한국어, ภาษาไทย and many more. If you feel unsure about it, take a look at its Wikipedia article:

Since I felt somewhat unhappy about their built-in online music player, mainly because it only supports one playlist and does not allow to search while playing, I decided to write this small and free client which tries to combine the favours of a desktop music player with the availability of online music.

For a quick usage tutorial, take a look at the following page here:


Firstly you need an account on, which is an absolutely free of charge account similar to facebook. The site should turn up in your local language, but if it's not, go to the bottom of their page to change it.
If signed up, you can go on with the installation of the player:

  1. Get a free account on  GET FREE VK.COM ACCOUNT
  2. Install Adobe AIR
  3. Install the VK Player and start to dance!

Please feel free to comment and to report bugs in the discussion forums.

Скачать музыку вконтакте!