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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Dear User!

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding the VK player, such as a new feature, a change in the design, a missing or badly implemented feature, please describe your wish as comment to this entry. I will read and follow the most mentioned suggestions.

If you encounter errors or bugs and want to report, please use the BUGREPORTS section of this blog for that purpose. (To change to the bugreports section now, click here)
I will really appreciate any of Your help.



If you report your wish, to change or create a new function for the player, please formulate your request as precise as possible, maintaining understandability.
Some examples for requests could be:
  • I would like to change the background color to pink
  • I dont like that I need to click the delete key to delete a song. I would prefer dragging it out of the player (like throwing away) or into a bin, so I can recover it, if deleted erroneously
  • If I am searching for a song, it takes sooo long (around 15 seconds, search example: "wall"), couldn't you speed it up? (<5 seconds)
Please feel free to mention anything possible, as long as it fits to the application.
I'm looking forward to reading your request,



  1. The search only returns 40 or so listings. How can I set the number of titles to return, or have a "search more" button?

  2. I am sorry, but you cannot extend your search to display more results right now.

    There are two things you could try out to get the song you want:
    1) If you want to listen to a specific album or group, try the "get inspiration" tool. Search for the group or album and press "Add songs" in the top right corner of it.
    2) If you need a specific song, search for it directly

    There will be a new feature called "song magician" in the next version 1.2 which will allow you to add any list of songs you come up with only knowing the name. Then you could for example copy a "best songs" listing from any page out of your web-browser and add it directly to the playlist, letting the VK Player accomplish the rest. Or a friend is skyping you his favourite song and you could drag and drop it into the player and instantly listen to it.

    The new version will be out around christmas eve, or around new years eve